Acis Tenancy Agreement

- September 08, 2021

In May 2015, the eligibility criteria were reduced from five years of public sector rental to three years. This means that you must be a tenant for three years instead of five before you can apply for the purchase of your home. If you have changed your name from what is written on the agreement you signed with us, you must fill out the form below to report it to us. We need a copy of the appropriate legal documents to confirm the name change. Examples of documents that we can accept are the following: your rent cannot be increased during a start-up lease, unless you have accepted, for example.B. when signing the contract. You lose a lifetime lease if you are evicted from a secure housing rental relationship. Most tenants of housing companies have this type of rental. For example, each tenant is responsible for the fact that the rental account is up to date and there is no violation of the rent. You might want to add someone else to your rental.

The amount of rent you pay should not increase more than once a year, unless it exists by mutual agreement. They must always be terminated in writing at least four weeks in advance. You may also have to pay a service fee for the maintenance of common areas. Request to move from a joint lease to an exclusive lease Your lease defines your rights and obligations as a tenant. If you have a joint tenancy agreement, we may accept the termination of a tenant on behalf of the two tenants who live in the property. If you have a joint rental agreement and only one of you is leaving, please contact us. Make sure you understand the effects of removing a rent transfer offer. Ask your boards or housing corporation what their policy is. If you`re not sure what to do, discuss your options with an independent consultant. If you want to add someone to your rental, you need to make sure that we know that situations are changing and that it may be necessary for you to leave the house you rent from us.

If you wish to terminate our rental agreement with us, you must notify us in writing for at least four weeks, which will start from the Monday following receipt of your notice. You can move before this date, but we need at least four weeks in advance. You must return the keys to us no later than noon on the Monday when your rental agreement ends. With the creation of a joint lease, this also means that each tenant can terminate the lease in writing with a period of four weeks. . . .