Ausgrid Deed of Agreement for Lease

- March 05, 2022

9 2.4 Consent of the Landowner 3rd Lease The Owner shall immediately sign a document or do anything required of the Landowner in his or her capacity as owner of the Land after any request by the Connecting Client or Ausgrid to execute, supplement or perfect any element provided for in this Deed, including, but not limited to, signing an application as a Landowner, to be submitted to an authority. 3.1 Lease Grant The landowner must grant and Ausgrid must accept the lease from the included start date. 3.2 Execution of the lease (c) The landowner must execute the lease and the survey plan within 5 working days of the date on which Ausgrid confirms its agreement with the proposed lease provided for in clause 2.3 (or otherwise provide details of the necessary modifications) and provide Ausgrid with two original copies (signed by the landowner) of the lease (such lease must be entered into by the landowner in accordance with the clause 3.2 (c) and stamped by the Office of State Revenue (if necessary) and the investigation plan. No later than the date which is 5 working days after the landowner has submitted two original copies of the lease agreement and the survey plan (executed by the landowner) to Ausgrid in accordance with clause 3.2, the landowner must submit or obtain the presentation of the certificate or certificates of ownership on the property to LPI in order to allow the registration of the lease agreement. The landowner must immediately inform Ausgrid of the production of the title. Ausgrid authorizes the landowner to include in the lease and the landowner must insert in the lease: (ii) any modification required by Ausgrid in accordance with clause 2.3; and all the details necessary for the conclusion of the rental agreement so that it is available in a recordable form after execution and stamping, with the exception of the start and termination dates inserted by Ausgrid in accordance with clause 3.2 (d). (d) (e) No later than 10 working days after Ausgrid has received the signed lease from the landowner and confirmation that the certificate(s) of ownership of the property have been presented to LPI to allow the lease to be registered, Ausgrid must complete the two original copies of the lease by inserting the start date and termination date and deliver the lease to the connected customer. who is required to submit the rental agreement for registration in accordance with the terms of the tracking agreement. The landowner authorizes Ausgrid to attach the plan of survey to the lease agreement or to register the plan of survey separately and to make any resulting amendments to the lease to ensure that it correctly identifies the plan of survey and that it is available in recordable form.

Page 8 of 15 10 3.3 Lease between the landowner and Ausgrid are bound by the lease from the included start date, although the lease may not have been signed, stamped or registered at that time. 3.4 Return the documents to Ausgrid Immediately after the registration of the rental agreement, Ausgrid must return an original copy of the rental agreement to the owner. 4. Ausgrid may make a reservation 4.1 Retention of title (c) The Owner acknowledges and agrees that Ausgrid has an reserved interest in the Property upon performance of such deed by the parties and the Owner will not do or refrain from doing anything that will or may affect Ausgrid`s interest in the Property. The Owner acknowledges that after the date of such deed, Ausgrid may make a reservation against the Property in order to communicate its interest in the Property under such Deed. If a reservation is made in accordance with this clause 4.1, Ausgrid undertakes to immediately accept all transactions relating to the property that do not prejudice Ausgrid`s interests in the property. 5. If, after the date of this deed and prior to the registration of the lease agreement, the landowner proposes to grant a mortgage or otherwise encumber the property or to grant an interest in the property to a person (“interested person”), then the landowner must: obtain the consent of Ausgrid (act reasonably) before such a business; Page 9 of the exchange agreement of 15 bells fx. Application form for companies/companies/companies This application form is provided with the foreign exchange contract and is part of this agreement.

In support of paragraph 8(e), comments and instructions to be completed are included for illustrative purposes only and are not part of this document. 2. Early Access, Draft Plan and Survey Plan 2.1 Early Access From the date of this deed until the registration of the lease agreement, the landowner must ensure that Ausgrid has unhindered access to the proposed rental location (suitable for truck access in all weather conditions): execution of the work; and to do everything that Ausgrid is obligated or authorized to do under the Connection Agreement and this document. 2.2 Acknowledgements The parties acknowledge and agree that: (c) the draft plan generally describes the location of the proposed lease; it is expected that some or all of the work will be carried out at the proposed rental site; and Ausgrid may request that the location of the proposed lease be reasonably modified, adapted or expanded, taking into account the actual location of the work and the use of the lease as provided for in the lease. 2.3 Preparation of The Survey Plan and Lease Agreement The landowner acknowledges that, in accordance with the Liaison Agreement, the Liaison Client must engage a Licensed Surveyor to prepare and provide Ausgrid with: (ii) (iii) a survey plan of the proposed lease site; prior to electrification, a copy of the survey plan showing all of Ausgrid`s assets, including the masts and axis of the power cables (or cable ducts, if applicable) and the location of a substation, signed by the licensed surveyor, in red ink; and a statement (addressed to Ausgrid) attached to the copy of the plan of survey referred to in paragraph 2.3(ii) attesting that the plan of survey is correct and that the information displayed on this plan in red ink has been located accurately to the satisfaction of the registered surveyor. Upon receipt of the survey plan, Ausgrid will inform the owner of any necessary changes to the rental conditions. Page 7 of 15 [PF 217] Pro Forma 217 Certificate: Winding-up Insurance Cover of the Chartered Audit Firm Corporations Act 2001 Chapter 9, Part 9.2A Issue: December 14, 2004 This Pro Forma 16 Certificate of Professional Responsibility Appendix B – Draft Declaration of Consent (clause 5) Ausgrid 570 George Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 [ON PARTY LETTERHEAD] Dear Sir or Madam, Consent to the rental of property Ausgrid: (Insert address of the property) [Insert the details of the interested party] agrees to grant the lease to Ausgrid as provided for in the deed of lease between Ausgrid and [insert the details of the landowner] from [insert the date], and acknowledges the rights of Ausgrid under the deed of rental. [Insert contact details] agrees to sign or to do everything possible to facilitate the registration of the rental agreement. Signed by an authorized representative, page 15 of 15 Terms and Conditions 1. By parking your car in the car park, you agree to these conditions. If you do not agree with these conditions, please leave the parking lot within ten minutes (no charge will be a mortgage protocol These are the conditions that are part of your mortgage.

As this is an important document, please keep it in a safe place. Mortgage Memorandum 2015/4325. Westpac 14 8.7 Consents Consents Required by either party under this document may be given or withheld, or may be given under conditions that such party (in its sole discretion) deems appropriate, unless this document expressly provides otherwise. 8.8 Confirmation of the Parties The Parties acknowledge that no relationship between agency, partnership or joint venture may result from this document. 8.9 Complete comprehension No oral statement made by either party to another party shall: affect the meaning or interpretation of this document; or constitute a security agreement or agreement between either party Set-off 8.11 Waiver Ausgrid may (but is not obligated to) set off any amount payable by Ausgrid to the landowner under or in connection with such deed from an amount to be paid by the landowner to Ausgrid. Failure (or delay) to exercise or partially exercise any right, power or remedy provided for by law or in this instrument by a party shall not preclude the exercise of that right or any other right, power or remedy provided for by law or in this instrument. A waiver or consent according to this document must be made in writing. Page 13 of 15 7 “Lease” means the lease of the rental place to be granted to Ausgrid under this Deed, the terms of which include the terms and conditions set out in registered memorandum number AG823634P and any other conditions required by Ausgrid in accordance with clause 2.3. “Lease Location” means the portion of the property to be leased to Ausgrid under the Lease. “LPI” means Land and Property Information NSW. “Land” means the land described in point 2 of the reference list. “Proposed lease area” means the land identified in the draft plan as the land designated as the lease site as adjusted by site boundary adjustments.

“Site Boundary Adjustment” means any adjustments, modifications or extensions to the proposed rental location required by Ausgrid under paragraph 2.2c. .