Community Clubhouse Rental Agreement

- September 15, 2021

16. SALVATORIAL CLAUSE: If the Agreement or other provisions of this Agreement is invalidated by a court of competent jurisdiction for any purpose, the intent of this Agreement or its provisions shall nevertheless be enforceable to the extent necessary for such protection. Any article, paragraph, subparagraph, concept and condition of this Agreement shall be deemed severable. If, for any reason, any part of this Agreement, in a final decision of a court, agency or tribunal of valid jurisdiction, is invalid or contrary to any law or rule, this Decision shall not affect the validity or enforceable of any other part of this Agreement. 5 First Here__________. RENTAL PRICE: Members of the COHA Board of Directors may change the following rental prices at any time. Prices apply to events where, at no time during the event, more than 75 people can show up on or around the site. Creekside Oaks Residents: $125 plus a refundable deposit of $150. Non-resident residents: $150 plus a $150 deposit. Each event should not last more than six hours, including the time required to clean the premises and put them in satisfactory condition. 2 TERM: The tenant rents the Creekside Oaks Community Center (COCC) from COHA to ________ The tenant agrees not to directly or indirectly sublet the COCC during the term of the contract, nor to allow other people to rent the CCBC. The tenant agrees not to enter the COCC or to allow any person such as family members, staff or guests to enter the COCC, except for the duration of this agreement, unless COHA has been notified in advance and has agreed to coordinate.

Iv. Bathroom: Wipe countertops and faucets, report any sanitary problems as soon as possible. v. Bridge: the bridge must be swept without a broom. 11. PETS: The tenant is not allowed to keep pets in or around the site. 12. INDEMNIFICATION: The Tenant agrees to exempt COHA and its members of the Board of Directors from any claim, claim, claim, recourse, recourse or judgment, which may result from a breach of this Agreement or from material or bodily damage to third parties. In the event that COHA successfully defends an action resulting from a breach of this agreement by the tenant or others or successfully defends an action for bodily injury or property damage brought by third parties, COHA is indemnified and indemnified by the tenant for attorneys` and legal fees. Each party binds its successors, the beneficiaries of the assignment, the heirs, the administrators and the executors of the will.

13. FORCE MAJEURE: Neither COHA nor the tenant is obliged to comply with any provision, condition or agreement of this rental agreement during this period, after due diligence has been exercised, whether this service is delayed or prevented by a case of force majeure, disturbances or restrictions of the State. 14. SILENT ENJOYMENT: COHA agrees that the tenant will peacefully maintain and appreciate the premises for the lifetime, in case of payment of the rent provided for therein and the respect and execution by the tenant of the obligations contained therein and which must be respected and fulfilled subject to the provisions of the rental contract. 15. MINORS: the tenant provides a responsible adult accompanying person for ten people who do not have a baccalaureate or under 18 years of age, in and around the premises 16. . .