Employee Credit Card Agreement Form

- December 07, 2020

You can apply for a waiver if this is strictly necessary. Tell our accountants and superiors about the fees you want to do β€” you can get permission in specific cases. 6. Cardholders are expected to follow internal control procedures to protect district assets. This includes keeping receipts, comparing monthly card statements, and complying with card security measures. 2. The card is reserved for commercial purchases. The card should not be used for personal or other purposes. There is also a transaction limit of [$150] for most of our credit cards. For an exception, talk to [your director/finance/head of department/etc.] This directive applies to all employees who have the right to use a business card. It also applies to employees who have the right to authorize the use of a business card for their team members. Your participation in the Visa Corporate Credit Card (`card`) is a convenience that is responsible.

Although the card is issued in your name, it must be considered a property of the big island (hereafter πŸ˜€ istrict`) and be used as part of a prudent “professional judgment.” Your signature below confirms that you understand the card`s policies, that you agree to comply with them, that you are bound by the terms and conditions below as well as by council policies, administrative procedures and business office procedures regarding the use of the card. A corporate credit card directive explains the protocols and terms of use associated with a company-issued credit card. The main purpose of the company`s credit card policy is to protect the company from unauthorized payments and to clearly outline the effects of misuse. I am the above employee and I have received the credit card listed above, which is linked to the company`s commercial credit account (“Card”), and I confirm that all my information is correct. With my signing of this agreement, I will agree to respect the following conditions and to be bound to them: this is where we set our general rules for corporate credit cards. Outside of the agreement, you can view this policy whenever you need more information about using your credit card. If you have a corporate credit card, we expect you: a credit card policy is part of a company`s accounting methods. It specifies the conditions for the use of an imobase card on behalf of the staff. These measures are also intended to protect the company from inappropriate use and to ensure that the effects are clear. To ensure that all your bases are covered, your corporate credit card policy must include an assignment statement, domain, section on terms of use, restrictions and exceptions, and define the disciplinary process.

9. The cardholder must hand over the card in the event of termination of employment (i.e. retired or voluntarily dismissed or not). No other use of the card or account is allowed at this stage. This corporate credit card directive helps you put in place policies for employees who have the right to own a business card. Allow yourself to change this policy to meet the specific requirements of your organization. This example of a model for the use of corporate credit cards is written to be used in a situation where a company provides a business card for use by employees.