High-Level Signature Ceremony For The Paris Agreement

- September 22, 2021

In addition to a signing ceremony in the morning, national declarations will be presented throughout the day and a high-level event will be convened in the afternoon to implement them. On the occasion of this historic adoption, the UN Secretary-General will host a high-level luncheon bringing together governments, businesses, investors, civil society and the United Nations to demonstrate the support of all components of society for the implementation of the agreement. The Luncheon, organized with the support of the UN Global Compact, will focus on the scale and pace of market transformation needed to ensure a safer, healthier and more prosperous future for all. The adoption of the agreement sends a message to the world that countries are serious about fighting climate change. The fact that the 196 parties to the Convention have reached this agreement is a remarkable triumph. On April 22, Earth Day, world leaders will gather at the UN to sign the Paris Climate Agreement.