Literary Agent Agreement Template

- September 26, 2021

The definition of the work clarifies the scope of the contract. The agency contract must be clear about your freedom to produce derivatives of the factory that are not subject to the agent`s representation. A derivative is a work-based or derivative piece that is the subject of the contract. The Agency will be the registration agent for the duration of the project funding and will irrevocably retain 15% of all relevant revenues for the project sold. The agency commission due also applies to all sales of ancillary rights to the project, whether sold by the agent, author or publisher. In the event that the Agency uses a sub-agent and the sub-agent is entitled to a commission, the agency commission is 10% and the sub-agent`s commission does not exceed 10%. Here`s what you need to know before signing a contract with an agent. Rights granted during the term of the contract An agency contract gives an agent the right to sell the work to a publishing house for a certain number of months or even years. Normally, the agent is appointed as the author`s exclusive worldwide representative to sell, grant or negotiate the transfer of rights in the work covered by the agreement for the term set out in the agreement; This means that the holder alone is entitled to act on behalf of the author when negotiating the exploitation of the work(s) covered by the contract. The agent should also have the right to appoint sub-agents to deal with retransmission rights for which the primary agent might not be equipped, for example.

B outside the United States and Canada, or in foreign languages, as well as other publication rights such as film, television and theatrical rights. The Agency shall be entitled to the percentages mentioned above in point 3.a. and 3.b for the favourable life of the work for all agreements which relate essentially to the work or which are made possible by it, whether they result from an agreement initiated or negotiated by that agency or another agency, by the author or by a third party or company. Presentation obligations (3.c) which are not reserved by the Agency shall not be subject to this Agreement. Tip: Insert a liability clause in the contract. This requires the officer to regularly report and document the efforts undertaken on your behalf. Many agency clauses (and agreements) state that there is an agency “coupled with an interest”. This sentence should be deleted, because if the Agency`s relationship is really an “agency associated with an interest”, then the relationship would be irrevocable. In fact, almost all of the agency`s clauses are revocable by the author, and courts and commentators agree that the mere insertion of a language in an agency contract or a clause stating that it is an “agency associated with an interest” does not create an unbreakable relationship, unless the agent actually has an interest in working, with the exception of the simple right to collect commissions.

Unfortunately, I`m not an expert (and I don`t know if we have media/entertainment lawyers in India), so please confirm from another source. Maybe you want to know what the meaning of the 3-year contract is if there is no choice to cancel. I understand that commissions to your agent last for the life of your book, not just for the duration of your life. I would like to sign with a literary agent for my book. The agent can help me publish my book. I am willing to sign a contract with the agent so that I can send my book to the agent. I wrote a book “Slave Island” in Papua New Guinea. I wish you to help me and publish my book. Contractual clauses for example for literary agents are listed below – all the clauses you can expect in your literary agent agreement. This article is part of an 8-part series titled Tips for Hiring a Literary Agent. If you don`t have any literary agencies that offer you a performance yet and want to change that, click here to read my guide to getting a literary agent….