Rics Standard Form Of Agreement For The Appointment Of A Quantity Surveyor

- April 11, 2021

Using the iConsult web space, you agree to license RICS and its corporate companies to reproduce the content of the posted material for any professional use, in any format and anywhere in the world. This consultation will end at midnight on Friday, June 15. If you need further help, please contact Philip Archer (parcher@rics.org) Please note the following documents for information: Appointment documents should be used with a Scope of Services document and there are separate documents prepared for each specific discipline. All documents contain marginal notes useful for completion, and each of the three nomination documents also contains a separate guidance document, along with full explanations. The RICS consultants` appointment forms for the construction industry and related sectors have been revised and updated and will be published for consultation prior to publication later this year. Various changes to the statutes, case law, the publication of work contracts as well as industry customs and practices, consulting firms and client bodies required a general revision of the forms. The format and style of the forms remain broadly the same as those published previously, since there is (1) a standard appointment document for construction projects of any size of value and (2) an abbreviated form for construction projects considered simple or modest. We are also inserting a new appointment form, a short form for design services, which is intended to be used with more specialized types of services, often unrelated to construction or projects and proposed by surveyors. Initially, they were published only in a version of the English and Welsh legal system, with the following editions to be published and adapted to the Scottish and Northern Irish legal systems. Just comment on the section to which your comment relates instead of inserting all the comments into a section. Because responses are collected by an automated system, this will help us to present all comments to the working group in chronological order to avoid comments that do not reflect views (e.g.

B insert “ok” over a number of sections); and keep comments as short and as spotted as possible. If you are commenting on this RICS consultation project, please ensure: