Rockford Police Department Collective Bargaining Agreement

- March 05, 2022

Candidates for the position of Rockford Police Chief say they would make the city safer Police officers represented by Police Charity and Protection Unit 6, and the city is at an impasse on most issues under the collective agreement, and officers have worked without a raise since 2019. Mandatory arbitration has been slowed down by the pandemic, said the city`s legal director, Nick Meyer. In its decision, the Court of First Instance relied on the city of Cicero.   However, this case is easily distinguishable from the immediate legal dispute.   In the town of Cicero, three policemen were informed by Cicero of their imminent dismissal because they had failed to comply with an order requiring Cicero employees to live in the city.   The officers attempted to hear their cases before an adjudicator in accordance with their ABCs. When the City refused to settle the matter, the officers` union filed a motion to force arbitration.   As a result, the city filed a motion for rejection, which was accepted by the Court of First Instance.   The Court of Appeal reversed the decision.  City of Cicero, 301 Fig.App.3d at 335, 234 Fig.Dec.

698, 703 N.E.2d 559.   The Review Court recognized that the dispute between the parties did not concern the application of the CBA, since the residency requirement was prescribed by regulation.   However, the court noted that the dispute concerned the dismissal of public servants, and the CBA expressly stated that if an employee is threatened with dismissal, he or she has the right to have his or her case settled.   As noted above, the CBA in this case does not refer to workers` compensation benefits. The verdict rejected the city`s request to let all new police officers live within the city limits. Instead, Rockford police officers will continue to live under an earlier arbitration award requiring officers to live in Winnebago County or within a 15-mile radius of the Public Safety Building, 420 W. State St. The mission of Unit No. 6 of the Rockford Police Benevolent & Protective Association is to promote the fair and equitable treatment of all its members. Support to any member who has been harmed by the city or ministry, whose contractual rights have been denied, as well as to those who have been deprived of the legal benefits of their employer; prevent any type of discrimination in the workplace, unfair practices, expulsions or suspensions that may occur; work diligently for and with all members, while achieving and maintaining the best possible working conditions and benefits for all members through the collective bargaining process; maintain and promote a social and fraternal organization; assist all members and their families in times of need; and to promote morality and well-being for the public good of all members of the Rockford Police Service.

In summary, we conclude that neither the “arbitrability of workers` compensation benefits” nor “the existence of an agreement established by the City`s past practices in the award of workers` compensation benefits for external employment” is subject to arbitration under the CBA between the Association and the City. Accordingly, we set aside the judgment of the Winnebago County District Court, which renders a summary judgment in favor of the defendant.   In addition, in accordance with our authority under Supreme Court Rule 366(a)(5) (155 Ill.2d R. 366(a)(5)), we grant the City`s application for summary judgment.   See McCray v. Merit Insurance Co., 233 Ill.App.3d 36, 40, 174 Ill.Dec. 169, 598 N.E.2d 366 (1992) (with summary judgment on appeal). City Costs: Rockford City Council approves $3.4 million contract for police body cameras “While we appreciate some of the progress that has been made in bringing our officers closer to our regional colleagues, there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure our community can recruit and retain the talent it deserves in its police force,” Kelly said. Right now, we look forward to the stability of working within the framework of a current treaty and focusing on what we do best – protecting the safety of our community. Also in the July decision, the arbitrator awarded the city`s roughly 275 rank-and-file police officers their request for an increase of about $2.1 million over four years, allowing the city to increase the number of health insurance agents. Three units of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees representing employees of the city`s Department of Public Works, 911 dispatchers, some civilian police officers and Head Start workers have agreed to reinstate the residency requirement for new employees.

This was partly in exchange for having Christmas Eve as a holiday. An arbitrator`s decision establishes a new employment contract between the city and the Charity and Protection Association`s Unit 6 policy, essentially removing the issue of residency from the table until at least 2022. The verdict was handed down on July 10 and the city council officially accepted it on Monday. It is estimated that the salary increases will cost the city an additional $2.1 million in police salaries over the life of the agreement. .