The Licensing Agreement Data Provided To Microsoft Is Not Valid Server 2019

- December 18, 2020

If you run the assistant to activate the server in the rd license (licmgr.exe), select the phone for the login method, then select your country, and then call the specified phone number. Prepare your license documents. A Clearinghouse employee helps you activate your server and install your RDS-CALs. Now that the RD license roll has been made available, the next step is to activate Microsoft`s license server or better link the license server to the clearing house and then issue licenses. On the R/R license server, access Server Manager > > terminal services tools > remote deactivation license manager. Theoretically, we have now completed the provision of the 2012 RD License Server, but practically, there is one more thing to set up; and this displays the (s) server (s) of RD Session host server (s) on the license server. When we open the RD Licensing diagnostic console on the session host server, many errors and warnings appear that the license server is not available or configured. All of these will disappear and will be automatically configured as soon as we create a collection session. That`s right, we no longer need to use group policies, the brokerage server RD Connection does all the work; It “tells” the (s) server (s) of RD Session host server (s) on which the RD license server is located.

I just created a new remote gateway and a new license server on Windows Server 2016, and that`s the only thing I found to work. We moved our VL into MPSA and as all listed – is not found in the drop-down. I chose other people and used the “purchases” account number, and it worked. 10. On the next screen, check the information you provide and click Next. 11. Finally, copy the license key IDENTIFIANT generated on the remote license website and add it to the “Install Licenses” assistant and click Next to activate the RDS cals. If the activation fails again, continue with the activation of RDS licenses over the phone (Method 3) 5. Then include all the required information (e-mail, name, RDS authorization number and license number), and then indicate the license server ID (number 35 digits) displayed on your screen. Reason 1. You misunderstood the information on the RDS license.

Reason 2. They are not connected to the Internet. Reason 3. The TCP 443 port (from) is blocked on the firewall (port 443 is required to communicate with Microsoft servers to activate RDS licenses). Reason 4. You`re trying to install a bad version of remote CAL on your server. (z.B. try installing RDS Cals for the 2019 server on a Windows 2016 server). Click here to see the compatibility of the RDS CAL version. My RDS user manuals are available for 2016 servers and were purchased by an MPSA agreement. THE RDS license servers are installed on my domain controllers which are 2016 servers.

Due to application compatibility, my 2012 RDS-Sessionhosts servers are R2. … The error “The data from the licensing agreement provided is not valid” may occur for the following reasons: 1. Close the installation license assistant. 2. Click with the right mouse button on the server and select Properties. On the RD session hosting server, open the Licensing RD diagnosticor or update the console if it`s already open. Everything went green and all the error messages and warnings disappeared. I have to admit it`s really beautiful, and I love what Microsoft has done here.

Every time we provide a new RD Session host server, we just have to add it to the favorite session collection and we`re done. Your license server has now generated a unique system-linked license server identifier. You really need to update your 2016 bits to find out about MPSA. I received a bunch of licenses – but it`s useless in this scenario… but I showed my 100 licenses on my license manager. Please follow the instructions for installing and activating the license server, and then give us your license server ID! This screen may be different from yours, since I selected Enterprise Agreement in the previous one.