Toyota Finance Agreement

- April 13, 2021

18. Due Date Change Requests. You can request a change in the due date for the monthly payment required in your lease or financing agreement. A change of maturity cannot be processed if your account is late, if you have a lease that is about to be due, or if you have not made the first payment required in your lease or financing agreement. If you rent your vehicle and your current due date is within 17 days of your application, your application will be considered for the following month. You can request to change the due date during your lease or financing agreement for a total of 29 days. You should not send more than one change request for the date due at the same time for the same account. Your due date change will not take effect until TMCC has received your due-time modification contract and signed with the required payment and informed you that your application has been approved and processed. You must make the necessary payment until the current due date, until you have communicated to TMCC that your new due date is effective.

All the conditions of your due Date Change Agreement apply. 20. Removing features for online account services and changing the online account service agreement. The online account service contract cannot be changed and we do not waive our rights under the online account contract unless we agree in writing, accept the site change or continue to use your online account services after being informed of the changes. We may suspend the offer of online account services at any time or change the online account service contract or the function of your online account services. A change can take the form of an addition or deletion. We will notify you of any changes to the online account service contract or online account service function or our intention to terminate the offer of an online account service function. We will notify you, at our sole discretion, of one or more of the following means: We will ask you to accept it by clicking as a condition for your subsequent use of the website and/or your online account services; We will send the change or setting to your account or account management email address. and/or we will post a change or adjustment notification on our website for a 30-day calendar period. If you use or click on your online account services after the effective date of a change or interruption to accept the change or setting, indicate your consent to the change or setting. 8.

You can request a copy of our customer privacy policy. We continue to strive to comply with all existing federal and regional data protection laws. Our customer privacy policy varies according to the Land or another applicable territorial scheme. If you are our financial or leasing customer, you can request a copy of the customer data privacy policy applicable to you by calling us at 1-888-717-9248. Our customers for vehicle protection products can request a copy of the customer`s privacy policy by calling us at 1-800-255-8713. 3. Removing paper invoices. When you register your account on our site, we will automatically delete paper invoices to your account, unless you decide to get paper invoices.

In addition, we can automatically delete your paper invoices after notification, unless you receive paper invoices after receiving our notice and within the time indicated in the notice. In the absence of such a choice by you, you agree that your acceptance of these online policies and agreements represents your consent to the removal of paper invoices and your consent to verify your accounts and disclosures, communications and other related documents on our website.