Zipcar User Agreement

- December 22, 2020

6.1 Unless required by law in a primary or excessive manner, Zipcar`s third-party liability protection is secondary and is not superior to applicable insurance available to you or to another driver from another source, whether primary, supernumerary, secondary or somehow contingent. Such protection of third-party liability corresponds only to the minimum financial liability limits prescribed by the law of the jurisdiction in which the accident occurs. The limit of personal injury suffered by a person includes any right to the loss of that person`s consortium or services. When the law extends this liability protection to third parties to persons who are not authorized to drive the car under this agreement or to persons or bodies in which coverage is not to be granted by this agreement, the limits of financial responsibility of the jurisdiction in which the accident occurs apply. 4.3 Young Driver Fees. Given the high cost of providing on-demand vehicles for young drivers, youth under the age of 25 may be charged to measure for all bookings for drivers under the age of 25. For more information on these fees, visit the zipped support centre at 5.2 An “eligible effort” is defined as (a) an expense for routine maintenance (less than $50) of Zipcar vehicles, such as new wiper sheets, incandescent bulbs or windshield washer liquid, (b) the cost of fuel when the fuel card is missing or not working, and (c) all other costs that have been approved in advance by a Zipcar representative. If you pay for an accounting expense, you must take into account the actual proof, which reflects the item or service purchased, as well as the date and time of the purchase (which must be made during your booking) and note the value of the kilometre meter to be read at the time of purchase. Please print your name on the voucher, email it to and, subject to our consent, we will credit this amount of the credit/debit card you deposited for the corresponding booking. No credit or refund is granted without a receipt, or if the receipt is sent 30 days or more after the date of booking.

10.9 Conflicts . In the event of a conflict between this dispute settlement provision and any other dispute settlement provision in another agreement between you and Zipcar, the dispute settlement provision applies in this treaty. Zipcar, Inc. Attention: Legal Service 35 Thomson Place Boston, MA 02210 Email address only for legal references: 11.3 No time limit or omission of Zipcar to exercise a right or power that arises in the event of non-compliance or delay of the Member with respect to one of the terms of this contract, affects that right or that power or is interpreted as a waiver. Any waiver of Zipcar to an agreement, condition or agreement to be respected by the member will not apply to a prior or subsequent violation of the member or any other agreement, condition or agreement under this Agreement.